International Association of Laboratory Schools       

        "dedicated to the empowerment of university-affiliated and research-based pre k through 12 schools "

              "dedicated to the empowerment of university-affiliated and research-based pre k-12 schools"

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Fall 2013 IALS Journal

Student and Teacher Attitudes Toward Giftedness in a Two Laboratory School Environment: A Case for Conducting a Needs Assessment

Jennifer Riedl Cross, Tracy Cross, and Andrea D. Frazier

Tobacco Policies at Colleges and Universities Housing PreK – 12 Laboratory Schools: An Exploratory Study

Sarah Prudhomme and Tara L. Gallien

IALS Annual Conference 2014

New York City, New York April 2-4, 2014

Hosted by

Teachers College, Columbia University 
The School at Columbia University 
Bank Street’s School for Children 
Hunter College Campus Schools

Lab Schools and the 3 R’s: Reflect, Reframe, Reform 

These themes are framed to guide us in looking back, forward, inward, and outward. It is a time to look back at the best of our past practices (Reflect). It is also a time to look forward and to consider the role of laboratory and university affiliated schools in furthering a 21st century education agenda in our schools and communities (Reframe). And we must also acknowledge how the world has changed, and actively create socially just, student centered, research based communities where all children will thrive (Reform). As educational leaders we are charged with leading the way to a better tomorrow.

Dedicated to Research, Leadership, and Educational Excellence

The International Association of Laboratory Schools (IALS) is an international association of pre-kindergarten through graduate laboratory and university affiliated schools engaged in practices of teacher training, curriculum development, research, professional development, and educational experimentation for the purpose of  supporting member’s schools and as a voice speaking for the improvement of learning for all children.

Traditionally laboratory schools' commitment has been to assist in preparing teachers while delivering quality instructional programs for children in the classroom. These schools are affiliated with a college or university for specific purposes that go beyond the scope of traditional public and private institutions. Over the years, the laboratory schools have changed to reflect the diverse needs of the teaching professional and have often led the way in improving the science and art of teaching.

IALS was formerly NALS

After more than 50 years as the National Association of Laboratory Schools (NALS), and a brief period as NALS: The International Association of Laboratory and University Affiliated Schools, our organization's Board of Directors decided to change the name to the International Association of Laboratory Schools (IALS).  The acronym IALS better reflects our current global membership and goals for future expansion.  Under all three names, we intentionally take a very broad definition of "laboratory schools" as including campus-based schools, and others with diverse university affiliations, such as charter schools, professional development schools, child study institutes, research and development schools, etc.

To honor the long history and significant impact of the National Association of Laboratory Schools (NALS), we have preserved the name NALS on documents generated under that name.  Notice the newsletter names on the Publications page as a clear example of that convention.